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Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore | Top Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore

MadToKnow™ is one among the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore. Being the most reliable digital marketing company, we have extensively helped our clients to get more qualified leads. Having our headquarters in Bengaluru, we have offered digital marketing services to various businesses from USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, Australia and so on

Our Clients

  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Design & Development
  • Healthcare Industries
  • Entertainment & Media Advertising Industries
  • E-Commerce and Startups etc. 

Let your business, product or service be confined to Local Audience, Domestic or International! With MadToKnow being Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore, your audience and reach is never limited. We have confined our marketing strategies to reach every look and corner of the geography. 

Are you facing any difficulty in getting the expected results from your digital marketing campaign?

You have built a Website but not getting Organic Traffic from Google?

Investing money on Social Media Ads, Lead Generating Platforms, still not getting desired sales?

Call us Today and Get a Free SEO Audit of your website. 

Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore | Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore

Leverage the power of premium digital marketing service at MadToKnow™ - One of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies

We understand that competition has revolved under every business niche and it is very important to think out of the box for standing out of the crowd. We at MadToKnow can help your business to implement the perfect set of digital marketing strategies. Get in touch with our digital marketing experts and digital marketing consultant today! 

Website Audit

Our Internet Marketing Consultant understands your website, which can impact the overall ranking of the brand. Our Website Audit Service helps us to understand the potential threats you might be witnessing from your current marketing plan which includes previous campaigns, designs and marketing strategies. 

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the next most important parameter for your business to grow. Either be complete On Page SEO or an Off-Page SEO. Our Digital Marketing Agency has got your brand covered! Get started with the best digital marketing service provider in India.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing also referred to PPC ( Pay Per Click ) is the best way to gain more traffic and leads in a shorter period of time. One of the trusted digital marketing companies in Bangalore to achieve the maximum leads for your business in a short interval. Get a smart online presence today! 

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most preferred marketing channels in 2019.  Increasing your brand awareness by advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Reach out to our Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore to know how. 

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Content Marketing

Heard of the saying “Content is King”? Digital Marketing without proper Content is of no use. Get in touch with our Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore to get the best strategic marketing approach for your business and to create a reputation on the market. 

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Web Analytics & Maintenance

Is your business a Limited Period Edition? What is the point of ranking on Google today and then your nowhere the next day? To be consistent in ranking and branding, web analytics and maintenance plays an important role! Don’t Be Lost ! Play Safe

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About MadToKnow™

MadToKnow™ was started in the year 2013 by two multi-disciplinary engineering graduates with an aim of providing the best digital marketing service in Bangalore. We started off with acquiring clients from Bengaluru (ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು) and later moved on with USA, UK, Canada, and Dubai. 

Owning more than 5+ years of experience in the industry, we are genuinely helping the businesses to grow online with our digital marketing services. In such a competitive market, it becomes highly essential to get help from the experienced digital marketing agency.  

You will be surprised to know that the number of websites has crossed 1 billion on the internet! So, have you checked your website performance, quality, and local search engine presence? We strongly suggest you to hire a digital marketing company and get your website audit once. 

Best Digital Marketing Company | Digital Marketing Agency In Bangalore​

Level Up Your Business With The Digital Marketing Service at MadToKnow™ . Start Building Long-Term Relationship With Your Prospects


Digital Marketing is a new trend by which businesses can reach out to customers through various digital marketing service such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing,  and so on. As a reputed business owner and years of experience in the field, you would now be aware of the target audience, demographics and potential customers for your product/service. But, how far have you reached the target market? It is already 2019, and you must have an online presence to beat your competition.

To know how can your business succeed by using Digital Marketing! Contact the Digital Marketing Service provider in Bangalore.  

Digital Marketing basically works with 2 main categories. One being the Organic Method and the second being Paid Method. By using the services provided by the Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, one can easily rank on the Google Search Results – Organic Traffic or via the Paid Marketing Channels. 

Are you confused to choose one of the best digital marketing companies?  Initially, start off with the Digital Marketing Consultant or Internet Marketing Consultant. After understanding the status of your online presence, you can hire a Full-Time Digital Marketing Consultant from MadToKnow.

Yes! Being the experienced digital marketing agency in Bangalore, we agree that businesses find it confusing to choose the right internet marketing strategy. There is an abundance of options. But, which is the best trend for your small business? Keeping this in mind, our team at digital marketing company in Bangalore has come with the top 5 trends that are recommended for you to choose. 

Trend #1: Social media marketing

All the top digital marketing companies in Bangalore suggest that building an online brand must start with social media. Make sure you pick up the right social media channel based on the business requirement. Do not invest your time and money on the wrong channel. As a first step, understand where your target audience is present. Your customers have already started to search for products or services on these social media channels. If you are unable to make the decision, seek help from the reliable digital marketing companies in Bangalore. 

Trend #2: Voice Search

In the year 2019, voice search on google is getting more popular. More than half of the consumers are already leveraging the power of voice assistants. In order to reach out to more customers, businesses must implement the voice strategy. The SEO analyst from the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore proclaims that keywords selection is the primary step. You need to acquire optimized content that includes all the keywords that tend to appear in voice searches. However, long tail keywords are also part of it. We are proud to be one among the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore who owns the best content writing professionals. We have already started to help the clients with voice search strategy. 

Trend #3: Video Marketing

Looking for the best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore who can help you out with video marketing? Consumers are expecting educative videos to learn more about products and services. The live videos in social media are the most popular trend. It is greatly engaging and you can deliver more information in less time. We are offering the best digital marketing services in Bangalore from 2013. Although live video marketing was introduced very recently, the businesses using it has improved the conversions. 

Trend #4: Engaging Content 

Irrespective of the emergence of new trends every year, the power of engaging content will not drop. The basic criteria of the best digital marketing company in Bangalore are owning the creative content writing team. E-books and long content types are becoming popular. It educates and attracts your customers. However, you should be careful while choosing the topic. The other types of content we deliver at our best digital marketing companies in India are quizzes, online voting, contests, and animated infographics. 

Trend #5: Offline Marketing Mix   

According to our experience, depending only on a few internet marketing techniques will not serve the purpose. The businesses must have the right marketing mix in place. All the top digital marketing companies in Bangalore believes that having a few offline marketing strategies will help a lot in uplifting new brands. Among many strategies, we love the word of mouth marketing. Being an online marketing company in Bangalore, we also suggest basic tips about how to implement word of mouth marketing. Small businesses and new brands will definitely need it. Our team at the digital marketing firms in Bangalore will offer free material to guide the business with best offline marketing tips. 

We are happy to declare that MadToKnow is considered as one among the top marketing companies in Bangalore. In fact, our journey started with content writing services. Content can be any of the following formats: 

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Any other interactive element on the website

The primary role of having good content on the website is to provide value to the website visitors. We have picked the few important reasons why your business website needs content. 

Content To Inform The Visitors About The Business: Take any best digital marketing agency in India to consideration! All of us confidently tell that business website needs the right amount of quality content to inform the audience. Let them completely know about your business and industry. It is exactly similar to the way you are informed about MadToKnow. You are here today learning about our businesses, services, and industry. An informed website visitors will definitely become your paying customer. 

Content Is The Key Ranking Factor: Did you know that Google receives more than one trillion queries each and every year. Have you come across the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore who does not talk about content? Absolutely no! The primary way to impress your target market is by developing the relevant content. We follow the proven techniques to develop the search engine optimized content and rank your websites on Google. The good content has the ability to push your website to the top of search engines. 

Content can impress your audience on social media: Stop searching from the list of marketing companies in Bangalore! You are already in the right place. Irrespective of the type of business you have, it is mandatory to own at least one suitable social media channel. The primary channels ruling the online world are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedInd, and Twitter. Pick any one and start connecting with your network through content. Each platform demands a different type of content. As a whole, you can create curiosity through social media content and attract them to the official website. It forms as the driving factor to land the prospects on the website.   

Content converts your website visitors to customers: Each time the new visitor comes to your website, use it as an opportunity to impress them. Let them take relevant action on your website. For instance, we have helped the clients by introducing the concept of AI chatbots on the website. You can also see it on our website placed at the bottom right corner. This type of content is used to interact with your website visitors in spite of your absence.

As MadToKnow is one of the best online marketing companies in Bangalore, we also love to help businesses with qualified content writing services.  

MadToKnow™ can deliver its expertise for local areas in Bangalore. A reputed Digital Marketing Agency, Company, Services in Malleshwaram, Hebbal, Rajajinagar, Indiranagar, Marathahalli, Basavanagudi, Koramangala, Jayanagar, HSR Layout, Whitefield etc.