7 Killer Affiliate Marketing Strategy to Start Affiliate Advertising

7 Killer Affiliate Marketing Strategy to Start Affiliate Advertising Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this article, I would be explaining Affiliate Marketing Strategy and also Basics to Start Affiliate Marketing. It is very important that you follow these strategies carefully and implement them on your blog. By doing so, you can easily understand how affiliate marketing worksLet’s get started!

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing is basically a business model by which the promoter (Affiliate) earns a certain amount of commission for a product bought by the customer (buyer). When a customer known as the buyer clicks on an affiliate link posted by the promoter, a cookie gets stored in the website. If later the same customer buys from the website. The same data is reflected on the merchants panel to which he pays the affiliate commission to the promoter.

Let’s take an example to under how affiliate marketing works much better.

Ex. Anil has an E-Commerce shop where in he sells unique and creative products such as Clothing & Apparels, Home Improvements, Electronics items. Suppose the promoter chooses one product from Apparels say “Purses” which is worth 20$. Now, Anil sets up an affiliate marketing program with Flat 10% Commission for any promoter (affiliate marketer) who sells the purse worth 20$.

Now the promoter sells the purse worth 20$ in his social media platform, website, blog via a unique url provided to him. When a customer clicks on that particular url, buys the purse worth 20$. The cookie enabled on the website will send data to Anil that a successful purchase has been made by a registered promoter (Unique URL).  Anil has per the agreement, pays 10% of 20$ that is 2$ to the promoter. Remember, that the commission gets added up for successive sales. (The Flat 10% is per product). So want to make more money? It’s simple, make more sales 🙂

7 Killer Affiliate Marketing Strategy to Start Affiliate Marketing

  1. Create a basic website or a blog through WordPress.
  2. Research on your Niche Product / Creative Unique Websites
  3. Sign Up for a ZeroCutlet Affiliate Marketing Program
  4. Research on creative and unique products on the website which you think might go viral
  5. Create a Classic Storyline Blog Content, Product Videos, Review Post using the products and unique listed.
  6. Optimise your page for Long Tail Keywords and track your rankings on Google.
  7. Share the Product URL with Affiliate Link on Social Media Channels and promote.
  8. Pro Tip – Don’t just sell the product. Understand the purpose of the product and create an emotional connecting story.

Questions to Ask Before Promoting an Affiliate Product

To apply for the best affiliate marketing programs, you must know the actual affiliate marketing definition. Listed below are few questions to ask before promoting an affiliate product. Using this strategy you might be able to launch a successful affiliate marketing blog and also make more money online.

  1. How can I use this product to promote on my blog, is it really worth to promote?
  2. Is there a good compensation plan? Do I get monthly payments, limitations, uniqueness etc.
  3. Is this product comfortable for my niche store? What are the different products that I can promote in their website.
  4. Is the affiliate marketing easy and free to join?

Is you’re answer YES ! to every question listed above? Congratulations.. You made the first attempt to launch a perfect affiliate marketing program.

Additionally, make sure you’re niche is settled and fixed. Changing between the niches can easily bring problems to your store. So make a mind and setup a Perfect Niche Category before getting started.

How to select the Best Affiliate Marketing Program

In this post, I would be explaining on How to Start a Affiliate Marketing with Creative and Unique Products – ZeroCutlet.

Zero Cutlet is a brand that lets you define your madness with the help of unique products. We are committed to deliver breakthrough products that are creative and innovative picks. The journey of Zero Cutlet began with the mission of spreading the positivity and bringing out the unique style in every customer. So, get ready and fall in love with your lifestyle from today!

If you love Lifestyle Niche, then ZeroCutlet is one of the best source to start with. To start off affiliate marketing, follow these simple steps below

  1. Understand the policy of ZeroCutlet Affiliate Marketing Program
  2. Signup with there affiliate marketing using the Registration Option
  3. After successful completion of registration, wait for the confirmation mail to pop up in your registered mail id.
  4. Use the ID and Password to Login to the account – ZeroCutlet Account Dashboard
  5. Once the registration is completed. Wait for the approval of your affiliate account. Usually it takes between 24 Hrs.
  6. Follow the instructions mentioned on the Affiliate Marketing Policy Page to lead to the Unique URL Tab (Creatives) provided.
  7. Congratulations, now you can research the products on their website and start creating unique URL’s to promote.


In this Affiliate Marketing Strategy Post Tutorial, we have discussed Basics to Start Affiliate Marketing. Let us know how this blog post has helped you in the comment section below. If you are looking for any other information related to how affiliate marketing works tutorial let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to Share this article with your members and friends and help them too ! Thank you 🙂

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