How to Choose a Niche | High Paying Keywords for a Successfull Blogging Career

How to Choose Perfect Niche Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this post you will learn on how to choose a niche in 2018 and also learn about the market research. Get to know the step by step approach on finding the perfect niche topic for your blogging careerGreat, Lets get started.

Choosing a Perfect Niche is very important before you begin your Career in Blogging. Always remember that you spend enough time to gather more information about your expertise, passion and knowledge about the subject you start writing. In this blog, I would be showing you the various ways in which you have to decide before you start writing.

Tips and Tricks on How to Choose a Niche

how to choose a niche

  • Always start finding your niche topic with Keyword Research and Competitive Research. A free tool from Google – Keywords Planner helps you to find the best keywords your niche blog.
  • Choosing the above keyword as “how to do seo“. We see, the Competition is Low, Traffic is 1M, Avg. CPC is Rs 341.80.Quick Tip – Always Choose High Traffic, Low Competition, Any CPC
  • While you’re choosing a particular keyword make sure that they are of low competition and high traffic. As a beginner it would be easy to rank compared to Med and High Competition.
  • Never look at the CPC as a beginner , usually High CPC is often associated by low traffic and high competition. As a starter, you can never rank for high cpc keywords.
  • Once you start accumulating amazing traffic to your website. Then slowly concentrate for high CPC keywords.

Top 7 Niche to Start Blogging from Today

Try researching with below listed High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords that you can easily rank on Google. But always Remember “Follow Your Passion” and “Choose Keywords which You Can Write 

Quick Tip – ” While Choosing a Niche make sure you Atleast have Random 50 Ideas / Blog Topics on that Niche.  – By doing so, you know that the Niche is for You

  1. How to Make Money
  2. Health and Fitness
  3. Food and Cooking
  4. Beauty and Fashion
  5. Personality and Passion Development
  6. Technology and Gadgets
  7. Lifestyle

How to Get Started | Quick Reference to Start

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In this How to Choose a Niche Post Tutorial, we have discussed about writing a simple blog post. Let us know how this blog post has helped you in the comment section below. If you are looking for any other information , tutorial let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to Share this article with your members and friends and help them too ! Thank you 🙂

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