How to Increase Traffic to My Blog | Increase Google Ranking

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In this article, I would be explaining How to Increase Traffic to my Blog and also Increase Google Ranking for free. It is very important that you follow these strategies carefully and implement them on your blog. By doing so, you can easily Rank on the First Page of Google. Let’s get started!

How to Increase Traffic to My Blog

Increase Google Ranking is the main strategy which is followed by the Top Bloggers in India. But in order to rank on the first page of Google, you must be familiar with a few things. Let us go step by step at it :-

  1. Domain Registration –

    How to Increase Traffic to My Blog

    Buying a Domain is the most important step in starting your blogging career. By saying so, you must make sure that you buy domain names which relates your niche. Always make sure that, you are giving most prominence to a Top Level Domain.

A top-level domain (TLD) has to be clubbed with a Google Recognized Website Builder such as a WordPress, Blogger etc. In other words, start blogging with a Unique Domain Name such as https://www.madtoknow.com, https://www.mentegifts.com, https://www.shoutmeloud.com. Instead of https://www.madtoknow.wordpress.com or https://www.madtoknow.blogger.com. Buying a domain name is very cheap as it hardly costs you $10 per year. I mean why would you not rank for your domain strength and rely upon other subdomains just for 10$?

2. Domain Age Strength – While you register a domain name with the registrars always make sure to register for a longer duration. Which means instead of registering and paying the yearly/monthly/quarterly basis, go ahead and pay for 3,5,10 years. Of course, it does depend upon your financial stability as well. But, if you are serious about blogging you need to rank as well.

3. Domain Validity – Keep a goal and wait for the perfect time. If you are continuously blogging for a while but don’t see the expected results. Modify your marketing, writing, approaching skills, don’t change your domain/niche ideas repeatedly.

4. Meta Keywords in Domain

How to Increase Traffic to My Blog

Make sure that you have the keyword in the domain you purchase. If you’re a Gift Store – Attach a gift either in the starting or in the end. Something like MenteGifts. By doing so, Google understands that this domain is a Niche Specific for Gifting Store so let me rank for a keyword by name Gifts. Of course, it does not mean that you can simply rank for all keyword searches by name Gifts. But, yes you have pushed a better way than the other domain name.

5. Country Specific Domain Registrar

When you are registering for a domain name, make sure that your target audience is defined. Always choose extensions which target your country, such as .in for India, .us for the United States, .au for Australia, .biz for Business, .shop for an E-Commerce Website, .app for an App-specific Niche and so on. The most preferred would be .com for a Global Recognition and if you have the target audience all over the world.

6. SSL Certificate

How to Increase Traffic to My Blog

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer is extremely important to increase your Google rankings and site identity. SSL Certificates are those which tells Google/User that this particular site is 100% Risk-Free. Take a look of the example, Chrome, Firefox, Safari treats HTTP as Non-Secure and HTTPS as Secure.

7. Content and Quality – As a Digital Marketer, Online Marketer I’m pretty sure you would have heard about the statement – Content is King. Gone are the days wherein we use to write for Google Bots. In this era, make sure that you give sufficient knowledge for the user to understand. Google always ranks post with Higher Content-Length. Have you seen posts written by Neil Patel? They are the perfect examples of an Excellent Long Words Content.

Quick Tip – Minimum of 500 Words, Recommended 2500+ Words

8. Backlinks – Backlinks are the Links which refer your website. You can easily rank on google when you build quantity ranks over quality ranks. Backlinks can often be dangerous if you get links from a Spammy Website, Unethical Websites which can straight away bring down your Domain Authority (DA) & Page Authority (PA).

9. Responsive Design – Google ranks websites with High Page Loading Speed, Mobile Friendly Websites. Google mainly concentrates on

  • H1 Tags – Headings
  • H2 Tags – Sub Headings
  • Images
  • Content

If your website is not SEO friendly, then Google does not understand what are your strategies, meta keywords, content, images etc. and hence you cannot rank on Google.

10. Image Optimization – Image Optimization is extremely critical as it directly links to your Page Loading Speed. Having images which are of HD, High Size will affect your page speed and decrease your rankings. Also, in order for Google Bot to understand, you need to provide Keyword based Alt Text “How To Increase Traffic to My Blog” to all the images which have been put on the particular page.

11.  Social Sharing Plugins –

How to Increase Traffic to My Blog

Getting your website viral on the Social Media and getting clicks, engagements, the response is also a crucial part. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are such sites which have high DA. Thus sharing on social media can be the easiest part to get quality backlinks. They might be No-Follow Links, yet their juices are always important.

12. Ad Placement – Ads either be a Google AdSense, Chitika, InfoLinks, PopAds etc. You must always make sure that it does not hurt the sentiments of the user. There is no point in bombarding the users with loads of Ads on the blog page. By doing so, not only the user will have to exit your particular website/article, but also increase the bounce rates and bad reputation about the site. The primary aim is to keep your website clean and tidy.

13. Frequency – Google ranks website which has the same and regular frequency. There is no point in writing 100s of the blog the first week and not posting the upcoming weeks. No matter you post one a day or 3 a week, be regular and follow the same routine for the upcoming weeks as well.

14. Spamming – If you are an Email Marketer, you have to be extremely careful to follow the CAN-SPAM acts. If you bombard emails to a user who has not given you the permission to send him emails. Or if you bombard 1000’s of emails daily without his consent, your domain will be banned by Google and listed out as a Blackmark to your site.

15. Keyword Stuffing – Google understands keyword spamming. Always keep a 2.5% density for your keywords. Which means for a 1000 words, 2.5% Density would be 4 Keywords. Similarly 2 for 500 Words. Always write quality and quantitative content rather than just writing for the keyword sake.

Quick Steps on How to Increase Traffic to My Blog

  1. Title Tag starts with a Keyword – Keyword | Catchy Title | Site / Brand Name
  2. Meta Description starts with a Keyword – Keyword |Catchy Description
  3. H1 Tags has the Keyword
  4. H2 Tag has the keyword
  5. Images – Alt Text has the keyword
  6. Use LSI Keywords – Different keywords which means the Same
  7. Page Loading Speed
  8. Optimized CSS, JS, Image
  9. Mobile Friendly & Responsive
  10. Multimedia Images, Videos, Infographics etc.
  11. Internal Links, External Links in the Content
  12. Long Content compared to Short Contents
  13. Tags, Categories and Attributes
  14. Keyword in URL without the Stopword (a, the, of, and)
  15. XML and HTML Sitemaps

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In this  How to Increase Traffic to My Blog Post Tutorial, we have discussed about Increase Google Ranking, How to Increase Traffic and Rank on the First Page of Google. Let us know how this blog post has helped you in the comment section below. If you are looking for any other information , tutorial let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to Share this article with your members and friends and help them too ! Thank you 🙂

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